6 steps to get the old exams

  1. read the rules (see below)
  2. click on the date
  3. select time slot
  4. enter first name, email, desired exams
  5. confirm order
  6. collect the exams at our window on time - not too late!

Printing old Exams

Due to fluctuating demand, additional office hours may be added on short notice. Usually on Mondays, the regular appointments for the next 2 weeks should be released.


The concept is simple enough: You choose a date, select the old exams you need, order them and then you can collect and pay for them.
We have put together exam packages for you, each with a fixed price, that we'll print for you. Unfortunately, this means that you can't look through the exams beforehand like you used to, but we have done our best to put together suitable exams. This is the only way that has been approved by the responsible office at the RWTH and we are just happy to be able to offer you old exams at all in this chaotic exam period.


As the exam packages are printed in advance we can issue them relatively quickly, but there's only finite number of slots, so try to start a collective order together with friends.
When we ask for the name, we specifically don't want your full name. The first name is enough, the point here is that we can address personally. That way everyone gets exactly the packages he or she ordered.
Unfortunately, so far we have only been able to put together exam packages for the most popular subjects. If your desired subject is not included in our list, you can start a request. Please be as specific as possible, but bear with us if we're not able to find an appropriate exam.

Before the appointment

As soon as you have completed your order, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.
In this e-mail you will find an access link, too, with which you can edit or cancel your order. If you realise that you won't be able to make the appointment (on time), you should cancel as quickly as possible. Many people want to print exams and every person not showing up takes the place of a waiting person.
Important: You don't need to print the confirmation, we'll simply find you by your name.

When collecting

  • There are no old exams without an appointment!
  • Pick-up is from the window at the staff car park opposite Halifaxstra├če 83.
  • Come with a mask and keep the recommended minimal distance from others
  • It is important that you pay appropriately: we were strongly advised to avoid change
  • Last and most important: Do come on time and preferably at the beginning of your slot out of consideration for others!


If you have any questions or problems, you can always contact us.
In order to select different quantities for the exam packages, two different time slots must be reserved.

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