office hours (2022 Q2)

current m.o. regarding office hours: please call us at 0241 / 80-94506

With the new (presence) semester we also want to open our office hours concept and give you again the opportunity to search our collection of old exams on site or to get in touch with us personally. Furthermore, you can also pre-order exam packets to pick them up only briefly.

We will not dismiss anyone without registration, as long as appropriate spacing can be maintained. However, registration allows us to contact you quickly in case one of us has to drop out due to illness/quarantine.

What do you get here?

You can sign up for a time slot, and either:

  • Come on-site to browse our collection, talk to us about general study questions and problems.
  • Pre-order exam packets for pickup and then pick them up, potentially contactless.

You can preview the tables of contents for our exam packets here.

How does it work?

  • Find a time slot as a "ticket".
  • Select either "on-site" or "pick-up."
  • (For a pick-up: select the exam packets you want us to print on the next page).
  • Arrive at your appointment, bring cash.

Further Info

The office hours currently take place either at the Computer Science Center building (room 2015, main building) or alternatively at Augustinerbach 2a (see details at the corresponding date). For pick-up at the Computer Science Center, we can also hand out the documents via the window at the western parking lot next to the main building of the Informatikzentrum, opposite Halifaxstraße 83 (student dormitory Halifax).

We can only accept cash payments. For printing we only charge nominal costs of paper and printing. Nobody makes a profit.

You will receive an "order confirmation". You do not need to print it. We will identify you by your booked time and your name or email address. This mail will also include a link where you can edit or cancel your order. If you are unable to make your appointment, please cancel your order as soon as possible to free up space for others.

Appointments may become available at short notice. It is worth checking back regularly.

Booking ends a few hours before the appointments so we can prepare. Do not wait too long!

If you have any problems or questions, you can always contact us.

Choose date to book a ticket