office hours (CS campus, summer term 2021)

What can I get here?

  • You can book one time slot and pre-order printouts of old exams for quick and easy pick-up.
  • You can book multiple time slots for general consultation face-to-face.
  • You can book multiple time slots to browse our database of old exams yourself and print whatever you like.

How does it work?

tl;dr: pick a time slot as a "ticket", add pre-printed bundles to the order during checkout, be on time for pickup, pay in cash.

When you move through the shop, this will await you:

  • pick a time slot from the calendar below
  • add to cart
  • consultation or self-service? get more time by adding more tickets for a "different date" (adjacent slots)
  • "continue" to checkout
  • "step 1 of 3": pick any exam bundles you want to pre-order, and the number of copies
  • continue
  • "step 2 of 3": email address (important!)
    • here you will be asked about the "mystery" bundles you want
  • continue
  • review order, especially number of copies
  • submit (it's not really "binding")

Further info

For printouts we are asking the nominal costs of paper and printing. Nobody makes a profit.

Please show up on time, not much too early or much too late. The purpose of the time slots is to avoid people standing around and coughing conspicuously.

Pickup happens from the window at the staff parking lot beside the main building of the CS campus, opposite Halifaxstraße 83. Payment is done in cash at the time of pickup.

You will be sent an "order confirmation". Don't print it. We'll find you by time and e-mail address/name. This e-mail also contains a link to edit or cancel your order. If you can't make it to the appointment, feel free to cancel. That opens the time slot up for other people.

Additional office hours may be added on short notice. It's a good idea to check regularly for time slots.


Come with a mask and keep a polite distance from others. You are encouraged to wash hands. There are rest rooms for that but we also have disinfectant.


If you have any questions or problems, you can always contact us.

Choose date to book a ticket