A game jam is a programming contest, where small groups (2-5 persons) develop games for a common theme.

We will meet at Friday afternoon on 05. July in the computer science building (time of day will be determined later). There we will announce the theme and you can work during the weekend in the computer science building. We also try to provide sleeping places there, but this isn't sure yet.

All games will be presented and rated at a separate meeting the following week on the 10. July. The jury currently consists of Dirk Thißen.

If there are more people interested, than we can offer places for, we will draw, who gets a place. If you already have formed a group, you can fill in a common group name in the registration process, to be drawn together as a group. If you don't yet have a group, you can also form groups on the first meeting.

The booking period for this event is over.

Where does the event happen? Informatikzentrum

When does the event happen?
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